Boldheart's Diesel

Diesel is another of our Home bred males.                                           Diesel has been BVA hipscored with a result of 15 total


Amber du Domaine de Frimarque - Abbey

Abbey is one of our Dutch imported bitches and was joint Top Bitch 2001 in the UK











































































Brandoux Kentish Showgirl of Boldheart - Amber

Amber is a very pretty bitch with the sweetest of temperaments, she was Top Puppy Bitch 2002

Flameflash of Boldheart - Mel

Mel is a substantial Bitch, Deep red, huge bone and sound with the sweetest of temperaments

Arulkins All Mayhem by Boldheart

Tusca is BVA Hipscored at 13 total

Boldheart's Propa Gucci

This Homebred girl is coming on very well. Gucci has been BVA hipscored with a result of 16 total

Ruba de Legeane

Ruba is one of our Dutch imported Bitches, we look forward to showing her here and in the rest of Europe

Wolfram Beelzebub Slug


Butch is another of our progeny of Temple Felson When Butch is of the correct age he will be confidently Hipscored with the BVA scheme


Boldheart's Miss Dynamite - Kitty Katt

Kitty is a Homebred bitch, she really is pretty kitty!




Wolfram Astaroth  Dorothy

Dorothy is another of our daughters of Temple Felson. Her dam is hipscored at 14 total with the BVA scheme



Boldheart's Missy da Meana

Meana is a homebred daughter of Temple Felson, she has inherited not only superb head type but heavy bone and soundness